New Well Drilling


New Well Drilling

Drilling a new water well is beneficial to many industries today. Some of the industries we proudly drill wells for include:

  • Residential
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation
  • Farm
  • Equestrian & Stables
  • Geothermal
  • Recovery Wells
  • Ground Water Monitor

Before drilling can begin, one of our technicians will meet with you at the desired location of the well to discuss cost and determine the best location to drill the well. State law requires that a water well needs to be a minimum of 75 feet from any part of a septic tank system and a minimum of 10 feet from any property line.

Once the price and location are determined, our technician will obtain a water well permit through DHEC to drill the well.

How do we Start Drilling

The drilling process begins by drilling through the soil until bedrock is reached. Steel or PVC well casing is then installed down to the depth of the bedrock and is sealed with bentonite.

Bentonite, similar to concrete, is pumped down in the ground around the casing to provide a protective barrier against contaminants entering the well.

A bit is then inserted inside the casing and drills through the bedrock until the desired amount of water is obtained. After the drilling process is complete, the well is sanitized and secured with a water tight well seal.

Unique Wells

Each well is unique, making it almost impossible to determine how much water a well will produce and how deep it will be.

Wendell Lee Well Services can provide information on wells in your area such as average well depths, water yield, casing depth, and potential water quality based on your location.

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Ask us about Water Filtration Systems for New Wells!

Wendell Lee Well Services recommends, installs, and services water treatment systems.

Some of the water problems we can treat include:

  • Acidity or Low PH (can cause corrosion in piping and stains in toilets and sinks)This is an example of bullet formatted text used to describe concise information about a product or service.
  • Hydrogren Sulfide (odor smell similar to spoiled eggs when water flows out of a faucet)
  • Iron (brown to “rust” colored water which leaves stains and can clog piping if not treated)
  • Particulates (sediment or sand particles in water)
  • Hard Water (causes unwanted stains in household plumbing fixtures)

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Each well is different, so we provide a FREE water analysis to determine the appropriate water treatment solution.

Call us today to set up an appointment to get your water treated or your water treatment system serviced.

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I can't believe how well this works! Baaaaaaaadddd sulphur smell is GONE after just a few days. Totally worth the cost.

Dan Townsend

Excellent! Thanks so much for explaining all that, Wendell. That for sure is not the easiest subject by a long shot. Your concern that we the viewer/listeners understand this material is very evident. And that makes you a very fine teacher!!!

Tom Nagle

Fantastic! Thank you soo much! Great explanation especially the pros & cons.

R. Delgado

I did exactly what you discussed! I bought land that the water was on the neighbor's land but thankfully the deed gave me lifetime water rights to it so it a good idea to make sure! I did end up having a well dug any way. So great advice from you !

Jacqueline Baker

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