Have you ever thought about the benefits of Well Water?

A few benefits include:

Clean Water

Not subject to chlorine and chemicals mixed in like city water

Less Bills

No month to month bills to the local water system


Environmentally friendly

Low Operation Cost

Does not require constant operation of treatment plants.

Along with these benefits, having access to well water provides you access to a resource key to human survival.

It is a well known fact that people can not survive without access to water.

Having access to a well is a long term investment that provides access to NATURAL, CLEAN water that is not subject to contamination and chlorination.

Your own well also puts YOU in control of your water usage and water treatment techniques. Are you prepared for the worst?

Be prepared and provide your family with a life-time access to water. 

Self Sufficient / Off the Grid Products

Hand Pump

Wendell Lee Well Services installs hand pumps which provide access to water without electrical power required.

Along with a submersible pump, a hand pump can be installed on top of the well casing to provide access to water at any time.

These pumps are made from the highest quality materials and require no priming or maintenance. 

Solar Pump

Another option to stay off the electrical grid is to install a submersible solar pump.

This involves swapping a traditional electrical pump motor for a motor powered by a solar panel.

Multiple solar panels may be required to power the pump depending on the size of the pump. Call us today for more information regarding these products.

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I can’t believe how well this works! Baaaaaaaadddd sulphur smell is GONE after just a few days. Totally worth the cost.

Dan Townsend

Excellent! Thanks so much for explaining all that, Wendell. That for sure is not the easiest subject by a long shot. Your concern that we the viewer/listeners understand this material is very evident. And that makes you a very fine teacher!!!

Tom Nagle

Fantastic! Thank you soo much! Great explanation especially the pros & cons.

R. Delgado

I did exactly what you discussed! I bought land that the water was on the neighbor’s land but thankfully the deed gave me lifetime water rights to it so it a good idea to make sure! I did end up having a well dug any way. So great advice from you !

Jacqueline Baker

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