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Water Treatment Systems

Wendell Lee Well Services recommends, installs, and services water treatment systems.

  • Some of the water problems we can treat include:
  • Acidity or Low PH (can cause corrosion in piping and stains in toilets and sinks)
  • Iron (brown to “rust” colored water which leaves stains and can clog piping if not treated)
  • Hydrogren Sulfide (odor smell similar to spoiled eggs when water flows out of a faucet)
What People Say About Us

I can't believe how well this works! Baaaaaaaadddd sulphur smell is GONE after just a few days. Totally worth the cost.

Dan Townsend

Excellent! Thanks so much for explaining all that, Wendell. That for sure is not the easiest subject by a long shot. Your concern that we the viewer/listeners understand this material is very evident. And that makes you a very fine teacher!!!

Tom Nagle

Fantastic! Thank you soo much! Great explanation especially the pros & cons.

R. Delgado

I did exactly what you discussed! I bought land that the water was on the neighbor's land but thankfully the deed gave me lifetime water rights to it so it a good idea to make sure! I did end up having a well dug any way. So great advice from you !

Jacqueline Baker

We Offer Emergency Service For All Well Pump Repair

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